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Following the energy of discovery, I’ve started making larger and more complex dream catchers. These days I’m calling them intentional Energy Weaves in recognition of their ability to hold and reflect the essence of what is emerging. This may sound a little “out there” but I have repeatedly experienced the power of art to show me the way forward.

The process of making art and then living with the resulting creation over time has proven to be unexpectedly revealing. Catching glimpses from the safety my peripheral vision, I become aware of where I’m being called as well as where I’m now feeling confined. In bypassing my treasured, but sometimes overly ambitious, rational mind, I can sometimes leap over troublesome blind spots and end up somewhere brand new – at least new to me.

Many people I encounter these days are in the midst of huge shifts in their personal growth. My colleagues, clients, friends and family all seem to be letting go of old paradigms and calling in brand new stories. This demands fresh thinking and often, an expanded world view. Intentional works of art can assist with this process.

Stepping into new stories takes guts – it’s not for wimps and neither is making art or life for that matter. The creative process itself demands relentless surrender.

I made the three foot diameter Energy Weave shown above for a gallery submission. After some experimenting, I decided to craft four 3’ plaster seed pods from a lone shell I had. I was taken with the sensuous curve of the bowl shape and the mystery around what was once sheltered. Now an empty vessel, any seeds there may have been are long gone – set free to scatter where they may.

The pods hang down pointing to the earth in an “I come in peace” gesture which is echoed by the worn peace flags swaying between the pods. Gathering, sorting, discarding, layering and reworking are all an integral part of my creative process and the way I live my life. As I filtered and honed ideas in my work, I was aware of a similar refining going on in my thinking. I can’t help but wonder what is emerging.

If you’re interested in reading more about One Web you can access my Artist Statement for OneWeb.

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