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For information about any of the works shown here, contact Janet.

Janet has work in the Sales and Rental Program at 
The Art Gallery of Guelph, 358 Gordon Street, Guelph, ON, 519-837-0010.

I like a canvas to breathe and be alive. Be alive is the point. And, as the limitations are something called pigment and canvas, let's see if I can do it." - Lee Krasner

Ancient Voices, 2009, Oil on Canvas
Abundance, 2010, Oil on Canvas
Celebration, 2009, Oil on Canvas
Echoes, 2009, Oil on Canvas
New Moon Rising Exhibition, TO
Gift of Life, 2009, Oil on Canvas
Haven, 009, Oil on Canvas
River Run, 2009, Oil on Canvas
Gifted, Oil on Canvas, 12"x12"

"I thought of Krasner's "roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-on-with-it" remark when I saw Janet Stanley's new paintings. They're materially voluminous , richly worked with thousands of touches of pigment to canvas."

-Martin Pearce, MA, Professor University of Guelph